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CAI North Wales Cruise


This cruise is intended to facilitate those previously booked on the "Classic Castles Cruise" in Wales from 17th July onwards.

The formally organised Classic Castles Cruise was being run by North Wales Watersports, but has been cancelled due to insufficient numbers. The emphasis on this *informal* cruise will be on relaxed cruising without fixed dates. Agenda will be reviewed/planned on a daily basis, and we will arrange occasional meals (and regular drinks) etc. together on an imprompu basis as interest dictates.

As a group, we hope to avail of significant marina discounts previously negotiated by North Wales Watersports.


Loose Agenda (plenty of slack at end to allow for double-overnight stops & weather):

Sat 17 July - Make your way to Hollyhead

Sun 18 July - Conway

Mon 19 July - Menai

Tue 20 July - Port Dinorwic (is that how it's spelt ?)

Wed 21 July - Caernarfon

Thu 22 July - open -

Fri 23 July - open -

Sat 24 July - open -

Sun 25 July - Return to home port..

The cruise will be adjusted as required based on weather and preferences. 4 days have been left  open to allow additional overnighters for activities locally.

Some boats intend to cruise on for another week, perhaps finishing in Peel for the Traditional Boat Festival which takes place over the Irish Bank holiday weekend in August.


Some suggested day trips/activities include:

- Lighthouse walk @ hollyhead

- Railway trip from Caernarfon

- Railway trip to top of Snowdon (highest mountain in Wales)


There are approximately half-dozen boats intending to do this cruise, and the more the merrier.


This cruise is just around the corner, so please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register your interest.